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Cubans evade censorship by exchanging computer memory sticks, blogger says

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...Sanchez said underground blogs, digital portals and illicit e-magazines proliferate, passed around on removable computer drives known as memory sticks.. The small computer memories, also known as flash drives or thumb drives, are dropped into friendly hands on buses and along street corners, offering a surprising number of Cubans access to information...

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Lawsuits Put Pressure On Call Center Pay Practices

A few days after media outlets reported on a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court last week against ClientLogic, two things happened.

First, more than 100 additional former employees called a toll-free number seeking to join the lawsuit against the company, which operated a call center in Buffalo until March. Those calls will help bolster the claims of the two lead plaintiffs that they were not paid for work they did before their shifts began and during lunch breaks -- a practice attorneys call common among call centers across the country....

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The following link will show you Kenneth Tuchman's(TeleTech CEO) campaign contributions for the last several Federal Election cycles.


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Man sues TeleTech for state Wage Payment & Collection Act violations


I've been e-mailed by a number of former TeleTech employees in Morgantown asking me about an attorney who's looking at filing a class action suit there. I don't know the attorney's name or contact information. If someone reading this does, please send it to me at

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